AVT Premium Coffee


AVT Premium Coffee

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A strong, aromatic and full-bodied ‘roast & ground’ blend of 60% coffee and 40% chicory to appeal to every palate! AVT Premium Coffee is made only from the best Robusta and Arabica beans that makes for a tasty and thick cup of coffee just like the filter coffee we’ve all come to love and enjoy.

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2 reviews for AVT Premium Coffee

  1. Nanhi

    I love filter coffee. On trying AVT Premium Coffee, I was pleasantly surprised by its brisk flavour and thick texture. 10 on 10, would totally recommend.

  2. Sooraj

    Tastes just like filter coffee, but without the hassle of making it. I could not get enough.

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The Quality Journey

The proprietary process of bringing you the best blends from the finest estates to your cups.

Good quality Beans Sent to factory

Drying of Beans


Milling, Grading & Sorting


Vaccume Packed

Ready to Shipped

Production Facility


How is tea powder made?

The young tea leaves are carefully plucked and segregated as per size. These leaves can either be oxidized, withered, dried, fired or shaped to make tea powder. Different processes of grounding tea leaves are opted for different flavours of tea.

Is tea leaves and tea powder same?

Grounded tea leaves make tea powder. Whole tea leaves are processed and powdered to get tea powder.

How can you tell good quality tea powder?

One can identify good quality tea powder by the colour and texture of the tea powder. Naturally, tea is brown in colour and does not have a polished look. It has a strong fragrance and the texture feels sturdy.