Promise of Quality

Promise of Quality

Quality You Can Trust

Just like the flavor of a great cup of tea, quality is seamlessly blended into everything we do at AVT, right from the selection of our raw materials to the comprehensive analysis of our blends and our finished products. Utilizing the latest techniques and equipment, our team of experts work around the clock at our production facilities to ensure that every time an AVT product reaches your table, it’s of a Quality You Can Trust.

It’s said that what is ‘well begun is half done’, and so the journey of our exceptional teas, coffees and spices, begin with the careful selection of the right raw materials from only the best plantations around the country. In strict accordance with the FSSAI Act, AVT continuously tests its raw materials to ensure they are of the highest quality and free of hazardous elements, such as pesticide residue, heavy metals and harmful microbes.

Once approved, these high quality ingredients are transported to AVTs state of the art blending facilities where they are systematically selected and combined by our expert blenders, to create blends with the desired sensory characteristics of each of our brands. Each of our blends are meticulously monitored and verified for size, density, moisture, appearance, and taste at AVT’s NLAB accredited laboratories, to ensure that each finished blend meets AVT’s high standards of production excellence.

Armed with the perfect blends, AVT utilizes only the best packaging materials, techniques, machinery and operational procedures in line with global statutory requirements, to ensure that our products retain every bit of their freshness, aroma and great taste. Our facilities are equipped to handle a variety of packaging formats including pouches, cartons and tea bags. AVT also continuously monitors and documents packaging quality in process as per our internally developed SOPs and it is only after our finished products get a final visual approval from our Quality Assurance team, that they move on to our extensive distribution network.

The Tale of the Tasters

Here at AVT, we’re known for creating cups of tea that would satisfy the taste buds of even the most seasoned of tea drinkers. However, did you know that the taste of your favorite cupper comes from blending teas from a number of estates from all over the country?

You see, the flavour of tea leaves plucked from a tea bush are influenced by a number of constantly changing external factors, such as the conditions under which they were grown, plucked, processed and even transported. Therefore, knowing how to identify, select and combine only the best of these ever changing teas is what sets the leaders in the industry apart and this is where we at AVT leave our competition behind.

At the heart of our competitive advantage lies our master tea tasters and blenders. These ‘rock-stars’ of the tea world come with over 40 years of tea tasting experience and are so skilled, that with a single sip, can identify the conditions under which a tea was grown, plucked, processed and even handled. These masters taste up to 1000 samples of tea every single day and assess them on taste, aroma, mouthfeel, colour and appearance, so as to ensure that only the finest leaves receive their expert stamp of approval.

Once armed with their portfolio of only exquisite teas, these masters craft blends relying purely on their memory of every sample they tasted and skillfully combine them in precise ratios they know will produce your perfect cup of tea. Such an art form is the work of these men, that even modern technology is yet to reliably replicate their talent. So, the next time you take a sip of a refreshing cup of AVT tea, raise your cup to these gentlemen of the tea industry, for after all, your perfect cup of tea wouldn’t exist without them.

Unmatched Blending Facilities

At AVT Beverages, we pride ourselves in producing all our products in house at our state-of-the-art blending and packaging facilities in Kochi and Coimbatore. All our facilities are accredited with ISO 22000, GMP & HACCP certifications from Bureau Veritas.

In total our 6 facilities have the capacity to process over 50 million Kgs of tea annually. These units are equipped with modern Tower and Rotary Blenders with advanced cleaning systems that are guaranteed to produce the safest and most hygienic products with minimal human intervention.

Our facilities are equipped with advanced packaging machinery, such as FFS, Duplex Carton and Tea Bag machines, and are capable of packing SKUs ranging from 2gm to 5Kgs. All our blending and packing operations are done in controlled atmospheric conditions in par with international standards, so as to ensure only the freshest product leaves our facilities.

All our high quality raw materials and finished goods are housed at our own 3,00,000 Sq. foot and 75,000 Sq. foot warehousing facilities in Coimbatore and Kochi.