AVT Beverages -
At a Glance

Only the finest
Tea, Coffee and
Spices are

and processed using
traditional techniques at
modern factories
throughout the country,

where they are put
through our rigorous
4X quality control
tests and standards

which are then blended
and packed at our state
of the art
manufacturing facilities

& Transported via
our extensive distribution
network to a store
near you

Our Brands

AVT Premium Coffee

A full bodied, strong and aromatic blend of 53% coffee and 47% chicory.

AVTRaihana Cardamom

Authentic high quality AGEB Grade Indian Cardamom.

We Know our
Customers Well

  • Sunitha N

    The AVT Premium Tea feels like it is tailor-made to cater to my taste buds. The consistency of the tea is just perfect and it is for those who like to drink strong tea. To be very honest, I don’t think I can live without my daily dose of AVT Premium!

  • Junaiz

    When your day begins with a steaming cup of tea, finding the perfect brand which suits your palette and is affordable becomes quite the task! Hence, finding AVT Rajah was an absolute delight. It takes me back to my childhood and now, I cannot imagine going a day without a cup of its simple, full-bodied taste.

  • Aishwarya

    While moving out of home, tea was the first thing my mother taught me to make with AVT Gold Cup. I still use the same tea variant and this flavourful, fragrant brew is my solace whenever I am missing home.

  • Mohith

    My idea of relaxation is often intertwined with my love affair of tea. Be it reading a book or listening to music, a cup of AVT Supreme is always my companion. Its unmatched taste and aroma ensures that my evenings are always a picture of calm!

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