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Quality is nothing without consistency. Decades ago, we embarked on our pursuit to create the finest cup of tea India’s palate had tasted. Throughout that journey, our passion and determination to deliver the highest quality tea has kept us true to our course.

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The Process Of Perfection

The process of Perfection

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Why you shouldn't boil tea twice?

Boiling tea twice will remove a majority of its nutrients and antioxidants. It burns the tea leaves making it bitter. Tea must only be brewed with hot water for the best taste and benefits.

Is it safe to boil a tea bag?

Boiling hot water over tea bag will burn the tea. The hot water scalds it and prevent tea from releasing its flavour. Hence, it is not ideal to boil a tea bag.

Why should you not squeeze a tea bag?

Squeezing the tea bag will release tannic acid that was present in the tea bags and makes the tea bitter, sour and acidic.

Is it OK to drink 1 day old tea?

No. A tea sitting out for too long loses its vitamins and nutrients. It would even increase bacterial growth. Any tea kept unattended for more than four hours should not be consumed.

Is Loose tea better for you than tea bags?

Loose tea has a higher concentration of nutrients than bagged tea. It circulates through the boiling water and extracts maximum colour and flavour. Tea bags on the other hand are confined and offer a mild taste. One can have loose tea or bagged tea depending upon the choice of strong or mild flavour profile.