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A distinctive quick infusing blend of high-quality teas from the finest gardens in India, now in the form of tea bags!
Each tea bag creates a colourful and brisk cup of tea akin to that of a traditional freshly brewed cup of the widely loved AVT Premium brand.

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5 reviews for AVT Premium Tea Bag 100pcs Carton

  1. Jennifer

    The fastest cup of tea I ever made was using AVT Premium Tea Bags

  2. Asit

    Colourful and brisk, I love the taste and texture of AVT Permium Tea Bags

  3. Ravi

    This is a good product. I used it and found it satisfactory. You can safely go for these tea bags.

  4. Unnimaya

    It’s my go- to drink for late night study.. and it feels so very therapeutic to brew your cup with AVT tea bags❤️

  5. Maria Joseph

    Oh my gosh this is my favorite! I bought this set of 100 tea bags the other day and I haven’t stopped drinking tea ever since! It’s not only super flavourful, it is super strong as well! I usually take a cup at night with honey while I read/watch a movie or something, and it keeps me hyper until 2 in the morning, is it a good thing? Probably not. Do I care? Definitely not!! I love this so much! My new best friend. Thank you!

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The Quality Journey

The proprietary process of bringing you the best blends from the finest estates to your cups.

Picked / Bought at auction

Sent to factory

Sorted & Cleaned

Tested for pesticide residue, aflatoxin etc.

Blended as per blend sheet

Vaccum Packed

Ready to Shipped

Production Facility

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