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Original price was: ₹525.00.Current price is: ₹473.00. inc. Tax

AVT Darbari Leaf Tea 1kg Polypouch



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A uniquely strong, yet tasty blend of CTC leaf tea, AVT Darbari Tea 1kg Polypouch is a cup designed for the true ‘Chai’ drinker.
This blend is best ‘cut’ with plenty of milk and sugar to create a cup that will revive and revitalize you at any moment of the day!

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2 reviews for AVT Darbari Leaf Tea 1kg Polypouch

  1. Nimisha

    It is the best strong-leaf tea I have ever had, I loved this avt darbari tea it is good with milk <3 👌

  2. Suhail

    I am a tea lover and have been trying different brands for a while. Two months ago, I bought a small packet of Darbari leaf tea and really loved it. Two weeks ago, I bought this 1 KG leaf tea. I think I’m going to stick with this tea until I find a better one.

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