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AVT Nature’s Cup 100g Carton is a perfect blend of 100% Assam Tea with 7 Herbs and Spices recognized for improving immunity. Enriched with ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, ashwagandha, athimadhuram and pepper.

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3 reviews for AVT Natures Cup Dust Tea 100g Carton

  1. Anwar Ali

    I recently tried this assam tea, and it was a pleasant experience. The tea had a soothing taste with hints of natural herbs and spices. It left me feeling refreshed and relaxed.

  2. Dr. Prasanth Purayattu

    Recently, I had a chance to taste this tea which is packed in sachet received with a magazine. It had a soothing effect due to its natural ingredients like herbs and spices. I assure that its pleasant flavor and taste can refresh you to a relaxed level.

  3. Mamitha

    I feel very satisfied after drinking this dust tea. I really liked the aroma and the taste of the tea

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