Dreamy flatwhite coffee with perfect latte art

5 Reasons Why Coffee is Our Favourite Morning Drink

We all somehow relate to those rom-coms, in which the cute assistant walks in with two cuppas of coffee, spills one and offers the intact one to the mean boss. Be it our morning routines, saving us from the office blues or just a sip in the evening to introspect; coffee is the ultimate companion. A cup in hand while entering the office and rushing in to check our mails while cribbing about the crazy summer heat, has become more of a lifestyle statement and we wonder why we rely so much on the beverage?

Donning different roles. It is indeed the latent listener in conversations. Awkward proposals and the cutest of love stories, continue to brew over a cup of coffee. An interesting conversation initiator, an easy excuse to ask for a date, a sacred secret holder and a true friend on a surreal day with a book in hand, coffee has always been there, donning different roles.

Hell-a-healthy Boost. One slurps major health benefits with a cup of Black coffee. It is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that could cleanse the stomach, protect you from multiple diseases and also decrease the risk of diabetes. In short, if the world of beverages were Hogwarts, Coffee would be Harry potter.

Stay Alert with Coffee.  It is proven that coffee not only brings cheer but also makes you smarter! The best kick to wake up, black coffee boosts memory, enhances intelligence and helps in reducing stress and sloppiness. Its adrenaline rush is good enough to give your body the push it requires and works like magic if consumed before a workout.

A plethora of choices.  Amongst the plenty coffee varieties available for your taste buds, it becomes interesting to pick a different option every day and experiment with flavors.

We love coffee for the tinder-like number of options that it gives us to explore and dive into – Espresso for dull times, Mocha for cute memories, Latte for dates, Black for all-nighters and many more that create perfect blissful moments.

An age miracle. Coffee can double up as your beauty saviour. The caffeine in your coffee has a number of skin benefits. It can help treat skin irritations and reduce the appearance of those dreadful panda eyes. They can also be a boon when it comes to getting rid of cellulite. Incorporate coffee into your skincare regime to reveal smooth and even-toned skin.

So next time you say no to that cup of coffee, think again!