Homemade oatmeal cookies with a cup of tea on canvas and wheat background.

5 Tea and Cookie combinations made in heaven

A hot cup of tea can feel lonely sometimes, especially when you’re looking for a bit of comfort. This is exactly why tea is served with a saucer, leaving space for something more to keep the cup company. While everyone has a different opinion on what to fill this space with, the easiest option is also one of the most loved: the humble cookie.

The number of cookies in the world are only matched by the different types of teas that exist. And just like with wine and cheese, some teas just taste better with the right cookie on the side. We’ve listed below some of the best combinations around, so grab that kettle and get boiling!

  1. Digestives and Assam tea:We begin this list with a simple yet comforting combination. The warm familiarity of the digestive cookie combined with the aroma of Assam tea represents the perfect start (or end) to any day!

  2. Ginger cookies and Peppermint tea:Ginger and mint, fiery and cool – have you ever seen a more star-crossed lovers? While the mint clears your mind, the ginger keeps you sharp and together, they form a great combination for those days when you just need something to break the inertia.
  3. Coconut cookies and Chamomile tea:Light and soothing, chamomile tea is an expert at putting people at ease. But a tea so light requires a cookie that can cut through the peace and bring you back to earth. Coconut cookies, with their flaky texture and nutty flavour, do the trick perfectly!
  4. Macarons and Green tea:The idea of green tea has forever been associated with a bitter aftertaste, while macarons are known to be quite sweet. Well, if opposites attract and improve each other among people, why not with tea and cookies? This combination works simply because the opposing flavours make each other much more intense, heightening the entire experience.

  5. Nankhatai and Masala chai:How could we talk of cookies and tea without mentioning chai? The spicy, strong nature of masala chai requires a soft, smooth companion to make sure it delivers its best. Nankhatai, an Indian buttery shortbread cookie, is the perfect option to counter the fire of the chai. Add a rainy day and a window to look out of and you’re set!

    Tea is a feeling and just like every other feeling, everyone experiences it in different ways. Feel free to mix and match till you find your favourite tea-cookie balance and attain the bliss that is chai-vana.