5 World’s Strangest coffees

Coffee is a worldwide energizer, people tend to swear that it definitely makes them feel better! Even though drinking too much of this bean beverage could tend to be harmful. It’s quite unique how everyone drinks their coffee, you can almost map out someone’s persona from the way they drink their coffee. 

Here are some of the world’s weirdest coffees,

Coffee Romano: You can say from the name, where the coffee originates. This unique coffee from Rome is sure to be an eyebrow raiser! It’s made with a shot of lemon juice! Yes, even though most people won’t be okay with having lemon in their coffee this type of coffee is quite well known there 

Irish Coffee: Talk about an energy boost in the morning and the peculiar irish coffee comes to your mind, This coffee is made with a shot of whiskey. The Irish tend to love their alcohol and try to implement it into their cuisine and also their coffee!

Yuanyang: This may be the one stop solution to all your chai coffee dilemmas! This may even start a fight of its own. This coffee is from  hong kong which is a mixture of tea, coffee  and condensed milk!  This originated when they infused their local traditions of tea making with coffee and voila Yuanyang was born.

Eiskaffee: This drink sure has the potential to be liked by many. This coffee is from Germany and it combines ice cream and coffee with a topping of chocolates. What’s to not like in this combination. Rather than coffee you can call it a dessert on it’s own. 

Kopi Jahe: This particular coffee is from Indonesia. Since it’s an agricultural country, they came up with an innovative way to drink coffee with ginger in it. There is also an addition of palm sugar in it. The people over there really like this kind of coffee.

Ca Phe Trung: This variant of coffee from Indonesia is the strangest of them all. It’s in fact made with an egg. According to the locals the mixture of the eggs gives it a very creamy texture which makes it seem like a dessert. This drink can be enjoyed on a hot summer day and locals swear it’s one of the best coffees they’ve had.

In every corner of the world, this drink is enjoyed in several forms and recipes. Everyone has their own way of making coffee and everyone has their own way of drinking it, and that’s the magic of coffee!