Around the world, the Coffee way - Turkish Coffee
Around the world, the Coffee way - Turkish Coffee

Around the world, the Coffee way

The process of preparing coffee is one of the most common activities that individuals undertake every morning across the world. Coffee grounds, hot water and milk and sugar, if necessary; this is what coffee we know. But did you know that there are many parts of the world where the process and even the ingredients are quite different? Get ready to have your minds blown as we describe some of the most unique coffee preparations from across the world and teach you how to make these different types of coffee:

Butter coffee

If there can be butter in tea (yak butter tea from Ladakh), why should butter in coffee be so strange? A drink that originated in Ethiopia, butter coffee is now all the rage in the West and has found admirers elsewhere as well. The roasted coffee beans here are ground and while they are traditionally mixed with ghee, butter has become a more popular replacement. Some drinkers even add a little coconut oil to make the coffee smoother or spices to enhance its flavour. The health benefits of this concoction are primarily centred around keeping you alert through the day and providing you with some much needed energy. The high fat content in the coffee means, however, that overindulging on this brew may not be the best idea. All things in moderation!

Scandinavian egg coffee

Coffee Bean AVT

From one strange brew to another. Eggs and coffee seem like two ingredients that should never be mixed together; but if done right, they can lead to one of the best coffee experiences ever! Making this type of coffee involves first crushing an entire egg (along with the shell) into a bowl before adding the coffee powder and whisking vigorously. Then, it’s just about adding this mixture to boiling water and letting it brew till it reaches the right colour. Once it’s reached the right colour, shock it with some cold water. The egg-coffee grind mixture will sink to the bottom of the pan, taking all the bitterness of the coffee with it and leaving the caffeine intact. Ladle the lovely reddish-brown mixture on top into a mug and your Scandinavian egg coffee is ready! Savour its mellow flavour and clean body in peace.

Ipoh White Coffee

Next, we move to Malaysia for a coffee that is one of the world’s most unique preparations. This ‘white coffee’ originated from a town called Ipoh in Malaysia that is one of the top three coffee towns across the globe. The unique aspect of this coffee comes right from the coffee beans themselves that are roasted in palm oil margarine to give them a nutty, caramelised flavour. This also makes the coffee significantly smoother than other preparations. The fact that it is served with condensed milk, rather than normal milk, only heightens its flavour makes it a definite must have when you visit the region next time.

Turkish Coffee

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There is a saying in Turkey regarding its coffee. Locals believe that coffee must be “black as hell, strong as death and sweet as love”. While these instructions may be vague, they do give a glimpse into how seriously the Turkish take their coffee. Making this brew is deceptively simple and only needs a special, long-handled, tulip-shaped pot called a cezve to heat the roasted coffee grounds with water. Once the coffee starts frothing, it is cooled for 30 seconds and…heated again. This process is repeated 3 -4 times, making the coffee stronger and stronger with each reheating. No wonder this coffee is only served in small cups each time! The effects of a brew that strong would last for many hours, but it’s worth it when the coffee is this good!

Qahwa Coffee Bean AVT We end our journey with the region that was the birthplace of coffee: The Middle East. Qahwa is a type of coffee drunk in Saudi Arabia that is usually brewed with lightly roasted coffee beans, leading to a somewhat weak flavour, though the coffee is still bitter. It is flavoured with cardamom and cloves most of the time, though it can also be drunk plain. Qahwa forms an important part of every ceremony in the region and is usually served in intricately decorated flasks. So when you’re drinking a cup of coffee here, you’re sure to feel like royalty!

Conclusion There you have it, a list of coffee names to look up and try the next time you have a coffee craving! A diverse world like ours deserves to have an equally diverse set of coffees to go with it. So what are you waiting for, go out there and let your taste buds explore!