Coffee Psychology: What your Morning Cup says About You

‘Variety is the spice of life’: this line encapsulates the innate desire in all of us to have unique preferences related to everything we do. So, it stands to reason that when it comes to choosing your morning cup of coffee, the choices we make are just as varied. But did you know that such a simple choice actually says a lot about you as a person? Don’t believe us? See for yourself as we detail how the world understands the characteristics of coffee drinkers based on what’s in their cup:

  1. Black Coffee
    If you’re someone who likes their coffee hot, dark and without milk and sugar, black coffee is the way to go. And by choosing this drink, you’re telling the world you’re old-school and a purist. You do not care for the modern renditions of the beverage and prefer to keep things in life as simple as your coffee. This simplicity also means you are straightforward and efficient in everything you do, though there is a sense of rigidity and resistance to change when things don’t seem to work. You can also be quiet and moody sometimes, but that takes away nothing from your skills!
  2. Espresso
    Coffee Bean AVT
    Sometimes, even black coffee doesn’t cut it and you need something stronger. That’s where the espresso comes into the picture. Served in small ‘shots’, they give you all the energy to fuel your go-getter personality and also underline the leadership qualities in you. This drink personifies you as hard-working and courageous, willing to go to great lengths to do the best possible job. But your zeal to excel also makes you a perfectionist and you end up setting almost unrealistic goals for yourself and for others. All this sets up the other aspects of your personality i.e. your moodiness and overly sensitive nature, elements that all that caffeine only accentuate. But don’t worry, you eventually end up on top and win the day!
  3. Cappuccino
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    All that talk about black coffee has left a bitter taste in our mouths so let’s move on to all those of you who add milk and sugar to balance your coffee out. Cappuccinos usually have an expresso shot, steamed milk and milk foam in equal proportions, helping to soften the bitter taste of the coffee out. This need to soften extends to the lives of the coffee drinkers too, with them instinctively looking for comfort in all situations. They also tend to be extremely honest and creative individuals who showcase their true selves in every situation. But not everything in life can be equally divided like the ingredients of a cappuccino, so when these individuals encounter such situations, they may come off as obsessive and controlling due to their need to fix every situation to suit their idea of comfort. They are all, however, extremely kind and generous at heart so you’ll always be taken care of.
  4. Instant Coffee
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    When you’re running low on time and can’t go through the whole process of brewing your everyday cup, instant coffee is always at hand for the rescue. Just add directly to a glass of milk and you’re done! But then, most instant coffee drinkers opt for this drink because it is easy to make, showcasing their laidback nature and attitude towards life. This, in turn, translates to a cheerful and optimistic outlook on life at all times, making them a joy to be around. When it comes to work, however, this laidback attitude can transform into constant procrastination due to their tendency to take life as it comes instead of having set plans. How’s that for a bit of coffee psychology?
  5. Soymilk Coffee
    Finally, we come to the newest breed of coffee drinkers: those who have turned vegan and look for milk substitutes. These drinkers tend to be very health-conscious and centre their diet around certain core ideas, showing the world how much they love to be in control, bordering on being obsessive sometimes. They also tend to be highly detail-oriented, which serves them well in all parts of their lives but also causes much worry in general. But as the world comes to accept veganism as a way of life, the future looks bright for them.
    There you have it, a whole coffee personality chart for you to obsess over and discuss. How we drink our coffee truly seems to define us and it is this variety that makes the world an interesting place to be in. How much do you relate with the traits we’ve described? Let us know in the comments below! Also, we’re sure this article will come to mind the next time someone answers the question, “How do you take your coffee?”