Coffee recipes you must try!

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  • Post published:July 8, 2020
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Cafephiles across the world love reading about delicious coffee drink recipes, especially if they can be made at home. Having such recipes on hand helps make that first cup of coffee in the morning all the more special and expand their coffee-making universe. So, we decided to aid them in their quest for new coffee recipes by compiling a list of accessible coffee recipes that can be tried out at their leisure! So let us step into the big world of coffee and get started:


If you’re one to appreciate a direct hit of caffeine in the morning, an Americano is the perfect coffee for you. The coffee can trace its origins to Italy in World War II. The U.S. soldiers would add water to espresso to dilute it and make a coffee similar to classic drip. 

Today, an Americano can be made in under five minutes. Pull out a double espresso shot, add 6 ounces of water to it and your cup of Americano is ready! In case you wish for your cup to have more body, pour hot water into the mug and then add espresso followed by crema.


For those of you who have a sweet tooth and would like to experiment with different ways to add a little sweetness to your coffee, Nutella coffee is the perfect recipe to try at home. Simply add 1 tablespoon of Nutella per cup to enjoy a nutty taste along with your regular coffee. Those who would like their cup even sweeter can raise the portions to two tablespoons. Add whipped cream for garnish and enjoy your cup of bliss in the morning!


This next coffee recipe is slightly more complicated than the previous ones but with the extra effort comes a sophisticated taste that has seen much popularity in recent times. The Iced Caramel Macchiato is known to be quite flavorful and requires you to begin by brewing regular, dark roasted coffee beans. Next, in a tall glass, add vanilla syrup, ice cubes, and cold milk. Slowly pour the coffee and drizzle with caramel sauce for a coffee that is bursting with sophisticated flavours. This coffee can also be made with vegan substitutes by adding plant-based milk and sugar free syrups.


The power of a good latte to help calm your nerves and give you a sense of peace is not to be underestimated. Given the current scenario, being able to make a latte at home is a luxury, but this eggnog latte recipe makes it a simple task. Brew 1 espresso pod or ½ a cup of black coffee if you don’t have an espresso machine. Combine the eggnog and milk with a steam wand and whisk the mixture using a fork. Once done, gently add the mixture to your coffee while stirring. Finally, garnish your cup with whipped cream and sprinkle some nutmeg on top to complete the recipe!


The last recipe on this list is for those who prefer to have their coffee cold and with a twist. While Coffee Collins is usually made with liquer, this virgin version of the coffee drink recipe is sure to work just as well. Begin by adding soda to two centiliters of cold brew concentrate, while also adding 2cl of lemon juice, and 1 cl of sugar syrup. Mix this beverage well and serve by pouring it into a tall glass over ice cubes. Decorate your coffee drink with slice of lemon and you’ll end up with a beverage that is sure to keep you cool during the summer!


No matter how one brews their cup of coffee, its charm comes from the daily ritual of making your first cup, which is a culture in itself that brings people together. Each of these recipes are sure to do just that as you share them with your friends and expand your cafephile circle! Tell us in the comments what your favourite coffee drink recipes are!