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Coffee Speed Hacks – The Lazy Person’s Guide to Coffee Making

The first cup of coffee in the morning is when the day truly begins. This is the case for many coffee drinkers across the world. The process of making coffee, in its many forms, is almost a ritual of sorts that many find enjoyable. But in a world where speed is of the essence, many people simply look to find the fastest way to make coffee in the morning. Here’s a quick guide to all those who are pressed for time or just lazy in general:

A quickie at home
Thanks to the invention of instant coffee, the process of making the beverage has been simplified to just the addition of water to a pre-made powder. Gone are the days when you had to grind your own beans; now, you just scoop a spoonful of instant coffee into a mug. The next part, however, requires a bit of effort: the coffee must first be mixed with a little cold water to release its flavour before you fill the mug up with hot water. Give it a quick mix, add milk and sugar if needed and you’ve got a delicious cup of coffee with minimal effort!
Just pour it over
If you happen to be more of a coffee purist, instant coffee just won’t cut it. Ground coffee powder is a must when it comes to making a good cup of coffee, even if it involves more effort overall. For these set of individuals, the pour over method is the best way to make coffee. The only extra element needed for this method is a clean filter paper that will hold the coffee grounds and will be placed above the mug. The hot water must be added slowly and in a circular manner to let the coffee release its flavour. Because the filter tends to fill up quite quickly, pouring must be stopped when it is three-fourth full and you’ll have to keep refilling it. But the whole process takes no more than 5 minutes so it still counts as a means of easy coffee making.
Pressing at work
One cup of coffee is never enough for the day and for those who crave more of their favourite beverage, the office pantry is usually the next stop. A lack of equipment is never a challenge when the will to have coffee is strong and the French Press method represents the easiest way to make coffee at work. Once again, all you need is hot water and coffee grounds that are mixed together in the press and left to brew for about 5 mins. Once done, all you need to do is press down to separate the coffee from the grounds and enjoy! Now, even the laziest person can enjoy their coffee breaks actually drinking rather than making the coffee.
Keep it cool
If you really want to speed up the coffee making process in the morning, however, there is one method that is sure to appeal to absolutely everyone: cold brew coffee. All you have to do is add coarsely ground coffee in a container and then fill it with water, keeping proportions in mind so that you get the right strength of coffee. Leave the container overnight to infuse and voilà, instantly delicious coffee in the morning! Just strain the grounds out and enjoy a much smoother, richer coffee experience without the bitterness you usually get. The best part? You can have it either hot or cold, depending on your preference.
Making coffee does not have to be a hassle as each of these hacks speed up the entire process. So the next time you’re craving a cuppa and are wondering about how to brew a good cup of coffee at home or at work, refer to everything this article has to say! And if you’re too lazy to do that, ask someone else to make it for you using the instructions here!