8 Exotic Teas That Are Guaranteed To Amaze You

A steaming cup of milk tea can warm a tea lover’s heart at any time. The sweet concoction, sometimes with a hint of ginger is what signifies relaxation and rejuvenation for most of us. But what excites us? It is an opportunity to try out a new variety of exotic tea!

I remember an old colleague who used to have a drawer at her desk filled with a wide variety of exotic teas, most of which I had never heard of. That drawer inspired an innocent wonder in me and every time she received a parcel filled with exotic teas, I would hover around her desk trying to see which new flavor or variant has made its way into her drawer. There were a few of us tea lovers in that office, but no one loved tea more than her.

It sparked an interest in all of us and we started doing our bit of research in the subject. My personal curiosity made me stumble upon teas which were unheard of, unaffordable and at times, extremely rare.

Here are 8 varieties of exotic teas which left me amazed!

  1. Da Hong Pao Tea

    : This Wuyi Rock Tea grown in the Wuyi mountains of China is one of the most expensive varieties of exotic teas. Good quality of this exotic tea can cost around $100 per kilo in Wuyishan. The high price of the original Da Hong Pao is primarily because there are hardly any of the original trees left.
  2. Tibetan Butter Tea (Po Cha):

    Made traditionally from tea leaves, yak butter, water and salt, this preparation of exotic tea is a delicacy savored across the Himalayan region. The concentrate for this tea is produced by boiling tea leaves and it stays for several days. Tibetans consume this beverage on a regular basis and guests are almost always served Po Cha at a Tibetan family home.
  3. Black Forest Cake Pu-Erh Tea:

    An easy favorite for those who love tea and desserts, the black forest cake pu-erh exotic tea is a perfect indulgence. It’s healthy since pu-erh comes from the same plant as green, oolong and black teas. It tastes great and helps in reducing weight, preventing cancer & has anti-aging benefits.
  4. Dragon Well Tea:

    Longjing tea better known by its literal translated name ‘Dragon Well Tea’ is a variety of pan-roasted green exotic tea from the area of Longjing Village in Hangzhou. It’s known for its high quality which earned it the China Famous Tea title.

  1. Insect Poop Tea:

    Yes, I know that doesn’t sound appetizing but it is one of the most expensive exotic teas in the world costing between $250-$1000 per pound. It is made by insects ingesting tea leaves and then their dropping is sifted together into a tea-like substance. It’s a very nutritious & exotic tea and is often considered a delicacy.
  2. Matcha Tea:

    This variety of green exotic tea has become quite popular in recent times. Traditionally associated with tea-drinking in Japan and the Zen movement, the matcha green tea is 10 times richer in antioxidants than regular tea!
  3. Yellow Gold Tea:

    The most expensive exotic tea in the world, this variety was once a favorite of Chinese Emperors. Now found only in Singapore, each bud of this exotic tea is lavished in 24K gold rendering it with a metallic and fruity flavor!
  4. Rooibos Tea:

    This African exotic Tea is made out of a fermented herb. It is red in color and has a grassy, malty flavor to it. Its low caffeine content makes it extremely useful as a cure for insomnia, eczema, headaches, and hypertension!

With their variety of health benefits & unique taste profiles, these exotic teas are some of the best indulgences a tea-lover can have!