The Everyday Guide to Tea Bags

There was a time when tea bags were unheard of in the world. All tea was brewed using a teapot, loose leaves and hot water. Then, it all changed when an English merchant decided to use hand-sewn packets to transport tea across the world. Due to customers deciding it was easier to just use the bags as is without opening them, tea bags were born and the world changed forever. The image of a steaming cup of tea with a tag and a piece of string hanging out of it has become a staple way to picture tea today. But do you know how to properly make tea with a tea bag and pull all that delicious flavour out? Here’s a beginner’s guide to tea and everything there is to know about teabags:

They come in many shapes
Traditionally, tea bags did not deviate from the standard square or rectangular shape for maximum efficiency. Today, however, many companies have improved on this simple design to create tea bags that function better and look pleasing to the eye. Two of the most common designs today are the tetrahedral bag and the circular bag. While the tetrahedral bag still has a tag attached, the circular tag is dropped and fished out using a spoon. Either way, both these bags are made with bio-degradable material, making them both functional and green at the same time.
Using tea bags for beginners
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Just like the teapot must be washed after every use to make sure flavours don’t mix, tea bags too must be stored carefully and away from strong smells. You wouldn’t want your next brew to taste of pepper or onions, would you? Tea bags are also affected by moistures, which leads to them losing their flavour over time just as much as being left out in the open. Make sure your teabags are always stored in air-tight containers as soon as the box is opened. For those who look to use their tea bags twice and savour every bit of flavour in it, the used tea bag too must be stored in a similar container and should be used as soon as possible as the moisture may lead to the tea going stale.
Whether you choose to use loose tea leaves or a tea bag all comes down to how much of a tea purist you are. Tea leaves stacked into an infuser serve the same purpose as a tea bag, though the process requires slightly more work. So if the question “How to become a tea drinker” occurs to you and you just happen to be a lazy person, using a tea bag is your best bet. With practice and many trials, you will eventually learn how to make tea with tea bags and milk and will soon be drinking tea with the best of them. So get brewing and dunk that bag!
Storing your tea bags
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Next, we move to Malaysia for a coffee that is one of the world’s most unique preparations. This ‘white coffee’ originated from a town called Ipoh in Malaysia that is one of the top three coffee towns across the globe. The unique aspect of this coffee comes right from the coffee beans themselves that are roasted in palm oil margarine to give them a nutty, caramelised flavour. This also makes the coffee significantly smoother than other preparations. The fact that it is served with condensed milk, rather than normal milk, only heightens its flavour makes it a definite must have when you visit the region next time.