World’s Best Coffee Shops
World’s Best Coffee Shops

World’s best coffee shops

For most people, travelling is all about museums, tourist spots and something famous. However, the more seasoned traveller seeks out a cafe, which represents a crucial part of a culture that isn’t found anywhere else. 

Here are some must visit cafes that you really must add to your bucket list.

Heart Coffee Roasters – Portland, Oregon, USA


Arguably the best among the many amazing cafes in the United States, Heart Coffee’s reputation is built on the perfect single origin espresso experience. Not to mention, one of their own creations, the Affogato is a delicious take on coffee poured over homemade coconut ice cream. The powerful aroma of perfectly roasted coffee fills the shop and makes for a great cafe experience.

Café Mollien – Paris

Set in the Louvre Museum, this cafe is an iconic establishment that has been around for centuries. The cafe overlooks the Carousel Square and the Cour Napoléon, making it a really great place to stop and have a few good cups of coffee.

Kaffeine – London

The extremely well trained baristas of Kaffeine go through a period of 3 years in training before they are allowed to serve coffee here. The cafe provides a unique and amazing experience with its coffee flight. The coffees they serve as a part of the coffee flight include an espresso shot, cappuccino shot and a cold brewed cascara refresher. If you’re looking to try the coffee flight, it is probably best to avoid drinking any coffee beforehand.

Coffee Collective – Copenhagen

For coffee lovers in Copenhagen, the Coffee Collective is a place to spend hours just enjoying the ambience. It is a simple, elegant cafe where the people and the baristas elevate the coffee experience. In fact, one of the world’s barista champions works at this cafe. The signature order here would be the classical set, an espresso shot and a cappuccino.

Cielito Querido Café, Mexico City

Drink a perfectly made Rompope Cappuccino along with freshly made Conchitas for a quintessentially Mexican experience. The cafe has a modern, hip ambience that makes for a lively and welcoming crowd.

Analog Cafe, Calgary, Canada

If you’re in Calgary, then pop into the Analog cafe. Not only will you escape the outside chills with a hot cup of coffee, you will also have one of the best coffees in the world while you do it. Chat with the baristas at the counter about the varieties of coffee available and how they are brewed. Before you know it, time will have flown by.