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5 Perfect Gifts for Tea Lovers

It’s a New Year and time for a fresh set of birthdays and anniversaries! Needless to say, finding the perfect gift for your friends and family could be quite the task. But if you have tea lovers in your circle, we have the perfect gifts for them!

Here are our top 5 picks for the ones who love their tea and all that it entails!

  1. Tea Pets: Are we serious? Yes we are! Tea pets are little clay figurines who can be your companion during tea time. You can feed them some tea while you sip on your own cuppa. They drink (absorb) the fragrance and colour of tea and enjoy your tea time as much as you do! They come in several options like birds, pet pigs, tortoise and elephants. The little piggy pets are our favourites. What’s your pick?
  2. Tea Infuser: There could be so many choices in this one. You can keep it classy and simple with the stainless steel infusers – all about function and very little mess. Or you can go the funky route and get infusers that are not only cute but also super creative such as the Mr. Tea infuser which looks like he is lounging in your cup or the Sharky Tea infuser that looks like it’s swimming around in your brew.
  3. Tea Leaf Reading Kit: If your friends have an unending love for tea with a side of psychic, this is the perfect gift for them! They can bring them out at their next tea party or simply do a one-on-one session with their best buddies. The kit comes with an instruction manual, a symbol dictionary and often with a little tea to get the readings started!
  4. Tea Travel Mug: Whoever you gift this to will be absolutely thrilled! A tea travel mug is an absolute necessity for tea lovers on the go. They are versatile and compact with an infuser inside making it super easy to carry and steep hot or cold tea while you are on the move. You can also use it for infused water. Being leak proof, they don’t spill on your clothes, handbags, backpacks or car seat making it the best thing to carry your favourite brew in!
  5. Tea:  We saved the most obvious and easy choice for the last. Nothing is a better gift for a tea lover than a great pack of tea. You have so many options to choose from and absolutely no probability of going wrong! Gift them a selection of great brews and make it as personal as possible by tailoring it around their taste in teas. AVT’s expansive range of teas are perfect for an assortment and we recommend the Gold Cup, Premium and Supreme varieties should make it to your hamper!

We would be overjoyed to receive any of these on our special days. Which one is your favourite? Tell us in the comments!