5 Ways to Reuse Old Tea
Aerial view of hands holding tea cup with knitting on wooden table

5 Ways to Reuse Old Tea

In this era, being organic is the way to go – whether it is the food we eat or the products we use on our skin. So what if your favourite beverage also doubles up as a great ingredient for multiple DIY household products? We say, it is the best case scenario.

Tea does not have an expiry date but over the course of time, it loses its aroma and flavour making it unsuitable for drinking. However, being the all-rounder that it is, we can reuse old tea leaves and bags in many different ways. Here are 5 absolutely easy DIY tea hacks.

  1. Your Cleanliness Companion: You can reuse old tea bags around your house to clean surfaces such as mirrors, glass doors and windows. Simply rub damp tea bags on them and to remove dirt, fingerprints and grime. They can also be used to give your old furniture a fresh look by removing unnecessary scratches and spots.
  2. Pedi-care At Home: No one likes bad smelling feet and heading to the salon might often be an inconvenient option given your busy schedule. But worry not! Tea is a great and natural alternative for removing unpleasant odours. Soak your tired feet in a detoxifying bath made with reused old tea after a day at work and forget all about smelly feet! You can also place dry, unused tea bags in your shoes to keep them from giving off bad odours.
  3. Your Gardening Aid: Who would have thought you can reuse old tea to help your new plants grow and thrive? Turns out, old tea can be steeped and used as a fertilizer. This brewed tea can be added to a bucket of water, mixed and then used to water plants – keeping your garden healthy and green. This hack especially works well for flowering plants. You can also sprinkle loose leaf tea around rose bushes to help them bloom!
  4. Your Hair Therapist: Why buy an expensive conditioner when you can reuse old tea to get shiny hair? You can make a light brew and rub it on your hair after shampoo to get hair that looks resplendent. Tea is the natural conditioner that you always needed! However, we recommend that you use only pure tea because the additives and flavours in blends might be slightly harmful to your scalp.
  5. Your Crafty Ally: You can reuse old tea to create some interesting DIY projects right from the comfort of your home. Make fragrant soaps and potpourri from tea, with the flowers and spices in it adding that extra zing to your craft project. Black and green teas make excellent soaps due to their exfoliating properties! You can also add a few drops of essential oil to the dried tea in the potpourri and gift yourself a fragrant welcome every time you come home!

Do you have any ideas for interesting DIY projects? Let us know in the comments below!