Tea Desserts, For The Sweet Tooth
Chia pudding with matcha tea, organic granola, frozen berries in glasses. Copy space.

Tea Desserts, for the sweet tooth

There are so many ways to enjoy your tea today, and for tea lovers with a sweet tooth, it is a sweet time to be alive. You can have your tea with a side of cake or a few biscuits and cookies, but now it is also possible to eat your tea. That’s right, you can have your tea as an ice cream, cake or biscuit all on its own.

Experimenting with different strains and infusions of tea have given rise to many different kinds of tea desserts that will leave you wanting more. To start with, here are a few tea desserts that will get you thinking about the possibilities.

Matcha Tea Ice Cream

Made from Matcha tea powder, this healthy green ice cream will change your perspectives on Matcha tea, ice cream and maybe the meaning of life too. The strong aromatic taste of the tea really shines in its ice cream form, delivering the flavour best when it is not overpowered by sweetness. This dessert offers all the glorious health benefits of matcha tea while also being a delicious treat.

Green Tea Pound Cake

With the aroma of tea wafting through the air in a manner that only baking can accomplish, you can be sure that anyone who stops by will be pleasantly surprised by it. The best time to eat green tea pound cake is when it has just finished baking and is cool enough to eat without burning yourself. The inside of the cake has a greenish look to it which comes from using green tea powder as one of the ingredients.

Tea Pudding

Take the creamy consistency of pudding and douse it in the powerful flavour of tea and you get this lovely dessert dish that works wonders on your palate. The infusion of caramelized tea in both the syrup and the pudding give this dish a punch that will satisfy both your sweet tooth and your tea cravings in one graceful swoop.

Chai Kulfi

A classic Indian dessert with a tea twist, this tea kulfi stick can be made from regular, masala and ginger chai. The creamy nature of the kulfi and the cold temperature combine to give you a unique tea experience for dessert.

Chocolate Tea Roll

Chocolate topped with green tea frosting is rolled up into a visual and gastronomical treat that is topped off with dry fruits like pistas and cashews. The tea frosting brings in an element of juiciness as well as the intense aromatic flavour of tea into this dessert.