Glass teapot of hot black tea on cozy background with dried oranges and candles

7 Christmas Food Pairings with Tea That We Love

‘Tis the season to be merry and we cannot help but gush over the festive vibes that fill the air around us! The decked up Christmas trees, the fairy lights and the nip in the air all point towards a season of impending festivities! And what is Christmas without yummy food? Hence, in this season of revelries, we bring to you 7 of our favourite Christmas food pairings with tea!

  1. Appam and Stew: This breakfast favourite from Kerala is our favourite Christmas food pairing with tea of all time! Nothing says a good breakfast more than digging into hot appams, a flavourful beef or chicken stew and a cup of steaming, strong tea. We always wish for an endless supply of these festive favourites as the winter breeze welcomes us in the morning.
  2. Bebinca: This Goan favourite is a sweet snack that we cannot resist! A gooey, multi-layered cake made with coconut milk and flour, this yummy dessert is one of our favourite Christmas food pairings with tea. The making of this snack is an elaborate and labour-intensive process and each layer is made to perfection individually to give it the melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness.
  3. Cinnamon cookies: When have biscuits not been one of the best food pairings with tea? Cinnamon cookies with their unique, spicy flavour is our go-to snack with our evening cuppa. We can munch endlessly on it for hours! The only thing that keeps us from finishing the entire tin is the promise of a yummy Christmas dinner!

  4. Samosa and Kachoris: Festivities in India can never be complete without India’s favourite savoury snacks irrespective of which one we are celebrating. Be it a mid-day snack or an evening soiree, some crispy savouries are surely one of our favourite Christmas food pairing with tea – a hot and strong cuppa at that!
  5. Masala Papad: The spicy kick of the masala papad and the sweetness of the chai are the perfect combo for a late evening or pre-dinner snack. This is one of our favourite food pairings with tea because it is light enough to not fill your tummy up but is just the right amount to satisfy your cravings!
  6. Assorted Christmas Snacks: The best part about Christmas are the variety of yummy snacks that are prepared at home. Grandmothers and mothers across communities whip up lip-smacking sweet goodies that we absolutely adore and wait for throughout the year. Goan snacks like Nevreo, Kulkuls and Shankarpalis as well as Pazhampori and Achappams from the heartland of God’s Own Country are some of our favourite Christmas food pairings with tea in the evening.
  7. Christmas cakes: Last but never the least, the most typically festive food is a sweet plum cake with raisins and plums and a hint of alcohol in it. Our favourite kind is the one that is baked with the raisins, nuts and plums marinated in rum over an extended period of time, sometimes for over an year. The flavourful slices of cakes are our one of our favourite Christmas food pairing with tea, irrespective of the time of day. It’s safe to say, this cake is never safe in the fridge because there is always some cousin waiting for a chance to gorge on it!

These are some of our favourite Christmas food pairings with tea! Tell us all about yours in the comments below. And while you pick up a cup of flavourful AVT tea this festive season, we wish you a Merry Christmas of joy, love and good vibes!