Tea Photography Part I: The Best of Tea Clicks from Instagram

The intricate relationship between tea and memories cannot be contested. Therefore, it is not surprising that tea photography is real art which is aimed at capturing the most beautiful memories with their favourite cup of tea. So we took to Instagram to find you 5 of our favourite clicks featuring a cup of chai (or two) and let’s just say we are overwhelmed by their beauty!

  1. Kaveer Rai: Kaveer features photos of tea clicked from across the world on his Instagram feed and let’s just say, his tea photography is worth a thousand words. From capturing raw human emotions to the sheer beauty of a warm cuppa, we are in love with his #TeaCupTales

  2. Chay_co: This Delhi-based Instagram feed is a beauty to look at! Some of the best tea photography from around the world is curated in this profile along with several original shots. Here is one of our favourite shots:

  3. Global Tea Hut: This Taiwan based monthly magazine that champions for free tea space in the country has some beautiful tea photography spread over its feed. But the best part is that each of their photos also tries to educate their followers about the culture and history of tea. We highly recommend following this account to get your tea trivia right!

  4. Tea.log: Marcel Karcher’s feed is a tea lover’s paradise with his beautifully composed tea photography skills on display. He weaves in tales of his travel wonderfully in the photos and is one of our favourite tea influencers that you must keep an eye out for!

  5. Ridda Hashim Khan: This Pakistan-based influencer has a feed that reflects her beauty as much as it shows off some brilliant work around tea photography. We love her feed but below is one of our absolute favourite clicks from her collection.

Do you have accounts that show off some of your favourite tea photography? Share the links below and we shall feature them in our blog!