Coffee cup with burlap sack

Coffee Hacks

Finding new, better or unique ways to do things is something that makes us all feel great. Mix that with coffee and you might end up loving yourself 3000.

Here are a few offbeat ideas to try when you want to do more than just drink a cup of coffee.

Coffee Ice Cubes

Now this might seem like a simple, straightforward thing, but that is only because it is actually simple and straightforward. Just pour the coffee concentrate into an ice cube tray and your work is done. Never again will you have to dilute your coffee because you like it cold. If you’re running late, just add milk and you’ve got yourself a nice cold latte. Coffee cubes also work as great snacking items, just stick a toothpick in the cube and you’re good to go.

Buttered Coffee

Using butter instead of milk gives the coffee an increased richness and as an added benefit, it is healthier than milk and cream, if used in the right quantities. Using a generous serving of low-fat, unsalted butter in your coffee not only changes the taste and texture, but also helps you lose weight.

Bulletproof Coffee

Go one step further from ordinary buttered coffee with coconut oil and butter from grass-fed cows, which will make you feel like you could catch a bullet. This rich brew is a great way to stay in shape and enjoy your coffee at the same time.

Salted Coffee

Certain types of coffee can be too bitter for some palates. In that case, adding a pinch of salt to the coffee will help reduce the bitterness of the drink. If you’re drinking coffee that is too bitter for you to poker face through, then this hack is going to be a lot of help.

Coffee Grounds, for the grounds

Instead of throwing it away, coffee grounds collected from your coffee machine can be used in your garden. Just mix up the residue with the soil and even your plants will reap the benefits of coffee power.

Cold Brew Coffee

A common misconception is that cold brew coffee is cold. What it actually means is that the coffee was brewed using a special brewing process without any heat. How is cold brew coffee a life hack though? You can store cold brew coffee concentrate in a bottle in your fridge so that you need to wait exactly 0 minutes for a cup of coffee. You can drink it straight, heat it up and do anything you’d want with it. It saves you a lot of prep-time when you’re in a hurry.