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Peculiar Pairings of Food and Tea

Dunking things in tea is something that everyone has done at some point of time. Through the years, this has rewarded us with brilliant combinations like tea and biscuits, tea and cake, tea and wafers etc. However, we have only tapped the surface of tea’s potential as a taste enhancer. Whenever you are faced with a situation where you feel like you might struggle to eat what’s in front of you, turn to tea, and maybe you’ll find something that’ll change your life.

The rules of mixing food and tea are simple. Strong teas go well with stronger flavours, while milder teas should be paired with milder food. Mixing a mild tea with something strong like chocolate or fruit means you will be unlikely to perceive the flavour of the tea.

Chai shines as a way to make things that taste a little dry, juicer and tastier. So to start off with, here are a few offbeat couplings for tea that you should definitely try out.

1. Masala Chai with Kacchi Biryani

Normally, biryani is rich and juicy, served alongside with raitha. So there is rarely any difficulty eating it. Hyderabad-style Kacchi Biryani on the other hand, is a little drier than regular biryani and might not be the ideal dish for those who are used to a different biryani style. This is where a few sips of tea can really turn things around. The onion in the biryani mixes superbly in the mouth with a swig of masala chai and helps you chew down the long grains of rice more easily.

2. Lemon Tea with Cheese

Take a nice block of Cheddar or Brie and nibble on it as you sip your lemon tea. The richness of the cheese will counteract the sourness of the lemon tea, giving you a feeling of fullness on your palate.

3. Black Tea with Dark Chocolate

Both have a strong flavour profile, and together, they provide a nice alternative to the other’s aftertaste. Ideally use some Darjeeling black when you are trying out this combo. You can even add a fruit into the mix with the dark chocolate, something like Orange or Strawberry to provide a unique twist to your evening snack.

4. Tea Eggs

For the more adventurous, this one-of-a-kind Chinese dish offers a pairing of eggs and tea. The eggs are cooked in tea and the unique process gives the exterior of the egg a unique artsy feeling. This combination is typically between eggs and spicy teas, which add tremendous flavour.