Freshly brewed tea, glass tea cup with dry rosebuds. Dry tea and tea cup on an old wooden table. Vintage toned

Tea Photography Part II: The Best of Tea Clicks from Instagram

The love of tea is something that we share with millions if not billions of people across the world. Everyone has their own idea of what an ideal tea-time looks like, and even this changes with the weather. That is why these tea-loving bloggers decided to capture the mood and the moment, preserving it forever.

It doesn’t matter how you enjoy your tea, it only matters that you enjoy it.

  1. Sunday Morning Tea with a Side of News: This photo from Rimli (@rimleed), a food photographer and blogger, captures a quintessentially Indian tea-time setup. Every family has at least one person who would love to spend their Sunday morning with the paper and a delicious cup of tea, and it rarely looks better than this.

  2. Tea for Two: There’s something special about sharing a cup of tea with a friend. This post from @chay_co is likely to send a lot of people down memory lane as they remember their long lost tea buddies and maybe even arrange a long overdue meeting. A feed dedicated to the love of tea, @chay_co enhances your feed with stunning photos and stories of chai from around the world.

  3. Travel Tea-m: Follow the adventurous couple behind @chai.highway.aur.hum as they visit amazing destinations in India and mingle with their hosts over tea. The page is great for all kinds of photo ideas as well as for inspiration on what you can do with just your phone.

  4. Budget Breakfast: Tea with a slice of bread and some biscuits is pretty much a full course meal towards the end of the month. This extremely relatable photo was taken by @veeni_saumil_shah whose Instagram feed is full of delicious homemade food and frequent cups of tea.

  5. To Infini-tea and Beyond: This picturesque click from Stuti Ashok Gupta is pretty much what any mountain lover + chai lover wants every morning on their vacation. The account, @bijniswoman features photos from her travel across the country including timeless furniture, delicious food and tea with mountains in the backdrop.