Top 10 tips for a Terrific cup of Tea.

Top 10 tips for a Terrific cup of Tea.

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  • Post published:August 10, 2020
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A piping hot cup of tea could be potentially damaging to your taste buds, but it does seem to repair all the other damages your day might have thrown your way, making it nothing less than your daily knight in steaming armour. But what if we told you that we have little tips and tricks that make your cup of tea, tea-rrific? Lucky for you, because we’re ever ready to spread the happiness these tips for perfect tea can kindle. 

 The Cinnamon Surprise

Who knew that adding a pinch of cinnamon to your cup of tea not only puts you in the coziest of moods, but also plays the part of a health samaritan in your body? With every sip, comes the fleeting taste of spice along with a boost to your weight loss journey as your heart health perks up. 

The Jolt of Mint

For the most rejuvenating summertime refreshment, adding a couple of mint leaves to your cup of green tea works wonders when it comes to zesting up your tea parties. In fact, this mint tea is actually a traditional Moroccan social drink, a symbol of friendship and hospitality. 

The Cocoa Combination

If you’re a chocoholic and a tea enthusiast, prepare to have your mind blown with the magic that happens when Cocoa powder and tea are combined. This winter drink with a hint of chocolate flavour, tastes rich and delectable at the same time, making it a drink worth all the hype. 

Switch up the Sweetness

Have you been settling for sugar as the sweetener for your cups of tea? We’re here to help you switch things up and let your nice cup of tea play dress up with some interesting alternatives to sugar! Adding honey to your tea adds a silky and soft taste to your brew. Using Stevia as your sweetener makes your regular cup of tea, a herbal odyssey. 

Marvelous Mrs. Maple

We’ve all experienced a cup of tea that made us question our love for it. Thanks to Maple syrup, every disastrous cup of tea can be turned into a gooyee cup of goodness. Maple syrup goes beyond just being a sweetener to your brew because it adds a touch of fresh complexity every cup of tea it is added to! 

Lemongrass to Steal the Limelight

A herb native to South India, lemongrass is an instant fix to any cup of tea with its nudge of freshness. Adding lemongrass to your daily cup of tea, can make the experience more flavoursome and citrusy, and who doesn’t love a little tang to their day? 

Brew Time Matters

Every tea is different and unique, which makes each one’s brew time different and unique too! For green tea, stick to a brew time of just a little less than 2 minutes. For black tea, two minutes of brewing works perfectly. Finally, for herbal tea, ensure a brew time of 5 minutes. Mastering this will be equivalent to mastering the art of brewing. 

Airtight your Tea Container

Tea leaves absorb moisture, which means, leaving your tea in a container that is not airtight, your tea leaves lose most of its flavour along with its odour making your tea tasting experience a rather sad one, even though you followed the perfect tea making strategy! Ironically, your tea shines best in a dark and dry space. 

The Creamy Chai Caper

Have you ever wondered what your tea would be like with a thicker consistency? Voila! Adding cream instead of milk to your cup of tea gives it a smooth dense texture, making it an exciting switch from your everyday brew. Cream pairs best with malty black teas, so don’t be afraid to experiment a little with your ingredients! 

Invest in Quality

Every individual’s experience with tea differs when it comes to the quality of tea they are trying. Investing in quality tea leaves and bags reaps the benefits of a truly enriching tea tasting experience. Falling in love with the rich aroma of a nice cup of tea happens all at once and no one should miss out on that.