What does your tea preference reveal about you

What does the type of tea you drink say about you

Your choice in tea speaks volumes about your personality. Even the way you like it – ice cold, lukewarm, piping hot; with loads of sugar or no sugar at all as well as the type of food we like to munch on whilst we sip on our teas. Identify which category you fall under with a little help from us!

Chai: The Unconventional One

If you adore the taste of chai you like to do things in life differently. You are also sassy just like the spices that go into the preparation. Chai is made with milk, sugar, water, and condiments like cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, pepper and star anise. You are calm on most days but when you see something that does not go down well with you, you aren’t afraid to speak up against it. Just like the spices add a kick to your chai, you have a kick to your personality as it is dynamic and composed at the same time!

Chamomile Tea: The Chiller One

You are quite laid back when it comes to things but that doesn’t mean that you aren’t reliable. You would rather do things at your own pace than rush through everything. Just like how Chamomile tea has soothing properties, you too have the ability to make others feel assured and calm in your presence. You are always there when somebody needs you and this is the reason why people are comfortable with telling you their secrets. It is the ultimate tea for relieving stress, just how you keep yours at bay and make others forget theirs.

English Breakfast Tea: The Classy One

You are the epitome of sophistication. You know you don’t need to rote learn a lengthy Starbucks order to show how high-brow you are. You are pretty sorted in life and know what you want from it. English Breakfast Tea is extremely strong just like your powerful personality. The air about you is regal and you like to be treated like royalty. So put on your favorite British TV show and get cracking!

Fruity Tea: The Fun One

You are the life of the par(tea)! Always radiating positive vibes, everybody wants to be in your company. Fruity tea is refreshing and energizing with a spectacular taste and can be served in both ways, hot or cold. Just like the tea, you too are versatile and know when to shift from having a robust personality to one that is understanding and warm.

Green Tea: The Healthy One

Being active is probably something that you like and if you don’t then it’s probably something you want a little more of. You know the importance of having a healthy lifestyle and are passionate about following it. Just like green tea has a lot of antioxidants, you too like to keep yourself away from all that you feel is toxic in your life, be it people or situations.

Ginger Tea: The Adventurous One

Not many find ginger tea to be their cup of tea because of its strong and fierce flavor which makes you fearless and someone who thrives on adventure. Your down-to-earth attitude makes you stand out of the crowd. You know that traveling unknown paths can lead you to beautiful destinations and are extremely adaptable. You see problems and difficulties as challenges and nothing is impossible for a true Ginger-Tea Lover!

Oolong Tea: The Curious One

You are inquisitive and enjoy exploring new places and cultures. You want to gain a novel experience every step of the way and just like oolong tea are traditional when it comes to upholding values, morals, and ethics. Even if you’ve not been all around the world, you come across as a person who is well-traveled and has a knowledge of what’s going on in the world.

Peppermint Tea: The Creative One

The complex flavor of peppermint tea represents your thoughtfulness and exciting personality. You are completely out of the box in your thinking process and the mainstream does not appeal to you. You cannot be copied easily even though others aspire to be you. You don’t see things at face value and put in a lot of thought into everything you do.