What does your ideal tea colour say about you

A cup of steaming hot tea, anyone?

Well, why don’t you make yourself one cup and then continue reading? It would be more fun that way! Trust us.

*Waiting patiently (you have to be patient for the perfect cup of tea!)

Now that you’re back, have a look at its colour and keep the shade in mind.

Did you know that the colour of your tea reveals your true colours? Tada!

As per the latest Tea Colour Chart, there are 50 different shades of tea! Yes, you read that right. 

50 would be too much to cover but we have come up with the major categories to help you understand your personality type. 

Let’s first figure it out:

More milk, please. Um… little more. Little moree. Oops. It’s all in my cup now! Haha. Nevermind! (Super Milky)

You are the one who gets blamed for all the ‘milk is over’ scenarios at home and office. However, you remain confident and waste no time in gulping down that milky cup, guilt-free. Your glucose biscuits are always ready to get mixed with the calcium in your body and you take pride at enjoying your cup in the sun. 

More milk, please. Ah! That’s it, perfect! I’ve left some for you. Don’t mention it. (Weak)

You want to save yourself from ‘where has all the milk gone?’ scenarios. So you choose 1 helping less of milk and a few microseconds of brewing. Although your tea is not as white as it could be, your defending skills are as strong as they could get. It’s difficult to classify your personality just like the colour of your tea.

I believe in equality. Not only for women but also for tea!

You know the perfect milk-to-tea ratio and always measure everything in life with great care. A perfectionist if we may say? Okay, a Desi-perfectionist. Teas from roadside stalls and your kitchen are your favourite (though the former is not as balanced as yours). However, their colour makes you believe so. You are probably waiting for your next tapri trip with friends, post the lockdown.

Yes, I’m Bob the Builder. At least, that’s what I think. (builder)

You like it strong and several times a day. You don’t trust others with your tea and hence make it yourself, your way. No compromise here. Being strong headed and hard-working, you also don’t mind the labour associated with it. Frequent tea breaks are so you! Oh, is it time already? Please go ahead and have one…

Black. That’s my all-time favorite colour. (black tea)

You have a lot on your plate and consume black tea to stay energetic and productive. A true professional. You are smart, witty and to the point. No playing around the bush for you. Always on the look-out for finer details. Everyone loves you as you are never responsible for the “milk is over’ scenarios. And you also don’t care cause where’s the time? You gotta hustle!

I’ve got everything under control. Yes, you too. Duh. (decaf)

You are always so careful about your health and life. Wanting everything your way, safe and secure. You believe in detoxifying your tea AND LIFE. No caffeine and no toxic people allowed. And you…

Oh! Seems like you’re not liking our conversation. No problem, we’ll just move on, lest you get agitated.

Wohoa! Oh God, I need to calm down but yayyyy!!!!! (green tea)

Oh so energetic and full of life! You relish your cup with a nice book, enjoying the peace and beauty of nature. Home-made organic cookies go well with your calming sips. You are a caring person and strive for harmony in life. You choose your path irrespective of other’s views. Like we know that you don’t care much about what we say. So, moving forward…

Awww… this pink is the perfect shade of tea! (fruity, floral tea)

Fruity fragrances and pastel colours make you go weak in the knees. You have already tried all possible flavours to date and never miss the opportunity to post their pretty pictures on your social media handles. You follow most of the cute pet accounts on Instagram and already have or plan to have a pet soon. We know you love to be praised so here’s it: you’re as pretty as a flower! 🙂

Where’s my coffee?

             Sorry, you have reached here by mistake. So please, LEAVE!

Now that you know which personality type you are sorry to inform but your tea’s gone cold. Um, yes.

But someone truly enjoyed this read. You know what we mean, right? Oh, you can thank us later with a cup of tea! Hot, of course!