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Sourced from the best plantations, this is a special blend of 100% Assam CTC leaf tea with 10% long leaf, that truly relaxes and refreshes the senses.
The AVT Premium Leaf Tea 250g Carton delivers a bright, rich, flavorful and strong cup of tea, perfectly combined with the light mellow flavor undertones of Orthodox Tea.

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5 reviews for AVT Premium Leaf Tea 250g Carton

  1. Ameer

    I really like this assam leaf tea, This tea is rich in flavor and its a strong tea. Plus, the packaging is excellent.

  2. Sahal

    Timely delivery and excellent packaging were commendable. I received a freshly packed product. This leaf tea has a good aroma and taste. I enjoy having it every morning.

  3. Bindu

    This leaf tea has very good taste with good flavours. Must buy

  4. Jayadev

    Thank you avt for the best quality leaf tea and timely delivery. I really loved the packaging.

  5. Nikhil K

    AVT 250g leaf tea is worth the money. I really liked the taste of the tea.

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