Masala Chai and a bowl of spicy Bombay Mix

5 Popular Teas from Across India

There is absolutely no doubt about an Indian’s love for chai. A warm cup of kadak goodness can lift up the mood of any true blue tea lover. Needless to say the wide variety of tea available in the mainland is as diverse as its wide spectrum of cultures and traditions.

We sat together and gave this a thought – in a country which is irrevocably in love with its tea, how do peoples’ taste in tea vary from one corner to the other? The findings are our curated list of 6 popular teas from across India. These versions of tea are more to do with their preparation than the raw materials and is an exhaustive guide of how Indians – from a 50-year old in Kochi to a 15-year old in Mumbai – like savouring their tea!

  1. Masala Chai: Widely savoured and easy to stir up, this is one of the most popular teas from across India. Masala chai is brewed with an interesting mixture of herbs, clove, cinnamon and other spices. Each sip tastes of rich Indian spiciness matched with the strong flavour of tea. No surprises that this one tops our list!
  2. Sulaimani Chai: This lemony version of black tea is slowly becoming the rage among the health-conscious young Indian. Add a dash of lemon and a mint leaf to your regular version of black tea and voila! You have an escape from all your stress in a cup! Sulaimani chai, with its roots in Kerala, is therefore one of our top picks for popular teas from across India.
    lemon tea in cup and on a table
  3. Irani Chai: Crafted with love and khowa in the Irani cafés from Hyderabad and Mumbai, this unique brew is something that you must try to experience a whole new perspective to tea. This chai is sweet and creamy with a bonus of cinnamon and green cardamom in your cuppa in certain cases. Though the availability of this version is limited to certain parts of the country, it has to be one of the most popular teas from across India.
  4. Butter Chai: Another extremely special variety of chai, butter tea is the Himalaya’s gift to us. Popular in the mountains of India, Nepal and Bhutan, this is made by adding Yak butter and salt to our regular brew. Also known as Po Cha, the exotic taste of Butter Chai is what makes it one of the most sought-after and popular teas from across India.
  5. Iced Tea: A teenager’s favourite, iced tea has been one of our go-to coffee shop orders ever since we were in school. The slight bitterness of tea mixed with the sweetness of honey and tanginess of lemon makes it our favourite summer drink! Black tea with ice cubes, a lemony zest (or any other flavouring) with a hint of honey sweetness makes it one of our easiest choices for the popular teas from across India.

Did your favourite version of tea make it to the list? Leave a comment to let us know what you think is one of the popular teas from across India!