Tea Bloggers

5 Tea Bloggers That You Must Follow

Chai, without dispute, is one of the most celebrated drinks around the world. It’s vast history and wide variety, gives tea lovers a huge amount of material to explore, read and write about. Following some of the world’s

top tea influencers

keeps you updated on the latest goings-on of the tea world – from the latest new innovation to debating out the best tea tasting techniques!

Here are our 5 favourite tea bloggers from around the world:

  1. World of Tea:

    Curated by Tony Gebeli, this blog is not just for tea connoisseurs. It features a host of content from news to reviews, from interviews to feature stories about tea across the globe. Its feed is populated with a host of interesting and relevant stories that had made it a recipient of several accolades at the World Tea Awards.

  2. Sororitea Sisters:

    This blog is a global phenomenon among tea lovers.

    Tea bloggers, Anne of LiberTEAS and Jennifer of TeaEqualsBliss fame have created this website which now sees ‘Sisters’ from around the world discussing and sharing their love for chai! Even though it started off as a rant, it has found its purpose as a platform that celebrates and learns from each other about a variety of tea tasting techniques among other things!

  3. Mel Had Tea Had Tea:

    This blog is a combination of two of our most favourite things – tea and travel! Mel is a tea sommelier from Canada who travels around the world, tasting and learning about her favourite beverage and it’s unique significance in different countries and cultures. If her blog doesn’t make you fall in love with tea all over again, it will definitely motivate you to pack your bags and head out on your next adventure.

  4. Oh, How Civilized:

    New York-based afternoon tea enthusiast, Jee is the tour de force behind this visually charming blog. Jee’s fashion for tea and food pairings is apparent from her blog posts! She is also a certified tea sommelier from New York and has come up with an extensive list, highlighting all the best places to get a relaxing cup of afternoon tea from. She also shares delectable tea recipes on the blog for all of us to try out!

  5. Chaiwallahs of India:

    India’s strong relationship with tea is a story worth writing a book on. Therefore, it is no surprise that Fullbright scholars, Resham Gellatly and Zach Marks found this interesting idea to tell the story behind India’s tea sellers and the cultural significance that they hold in different parts of the country.

    Whether you love drinking tea or exploring the various facets of this versatile beverage, following these top tea influencers will surely enhance your knowledge in this area. And for all you know, these wonderful tea bloggers might even inspire you to start your own blog – for the love of chai!