All About Tea Cookies

If you are reading this now, we appreciate your shared enthusiasm towards a class in itself that is of Tea cookies. Mind you, these cookies aren’t just your run of the mill biscuits that you have almost everyday with your tea or coffee. These cookies are royalty and demand an ‘I-only-wear-this-on-special-days’ kind of a status in your life. So here’s an inventory of delicious tea cookies you ought to try.

  1. Amadeus Cookies :You know what to gift your lover on their next birthday. Originating from a latin word, ‘amadeus’ which means ‘to love’, and living up to its name, you will fall in love with these cookies! These are scrumptious butter cookies filled with an exquisite almond-pistachio paste and dipped in heavenly dark chocolate. They hail from the romantic town of Vienna and are an all-time favourite.
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  2. Punitions :The knowledge of my french is restricted to ‘Je parle francais’ and punitions. A delicacy born in France, these cookies are crisp, thin and the best shortbread cookies you’ll ever lay your hands on. These are best enjoyed when made in a good salted butter which has a high butterfat content. Have them when you’re feeling like a fashionista that you are.
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  3. Lavender Tuiles :Those times are long gone when flowers were just used for gifting a mother, lover or friend on special occasions. Flowers are now actively used as ingredients in food items. One such example are the delicious lavender tuiles that are crispy thin and made with dried and crushed culinary lavender. If you are in the mood for experimenting, try using different varieties of flowers such as rose and hibiscus to add a hint of fun to your baking!

  4. Strazzate :When somebody asks you what your favourite cuisine is and you end up saying ‘Italian’, don’t say it basis just your acumen consisting of pastas and pizzas. Strazzate are cookies hailing from the Basilicata region in Italy. These are laced with ‘Strega’ which is an italian herbal liqueur. These are made with chocolate and almonds which provide a flavourful punch in your mouth.
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  5. Chewy-Almond Macaroons :Macaroons are made by combining icing sugar and ground almonds mixed with a lot of love. The exterior of these is crunchy and caramelized and the interior, chewy and delicious. It’s like having the best of both worlds in a single tiny cookie.

  6. Oatmeal Lace Cookies :All the health-enthusiasts in the house feeling left out? Fear not! These cookies are made out of oats that are low on calories and are completely guilt-free. If you’ve had a heavy lunch but it’s time for tea and you still feel like having something light to accompany it, oatmeal cookies are your best friend. Dip them in melted chocolate if you’re feeling a little extra gluttonous.
    Tea cookies exist for every taste, mood and personality. We recommend trying a new one every single time you can and take life one tea cookie at a time!