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Biscuits and Tea – Capturing the love story

For most people, their first ever cup of tea is rarely about the tea and more often about the biscuit they dunk into it. The intrigue of soaking the biscuit in the tea for as long as possible without letting it drop into the cup is something nearly everyone experiences as a kid. It is here that the love story between biscuits and tea begins, a rite of passage to tea time as an adult.

There are as many ways to enjoy tea as there are biscuits in the world. Whether it is cookies, biscuits, crackers or even rusk, every combination provides something unique in both taste and feeling. Here are some tea and biscuit partnerships that have stood the test of time.

Irani Chai with Osmania Biscuits

This magical pairing made famous in Hyderabad is a must try if you ever visit the place. Irani tea is a creamy and sweet tea that goes well with the salted Osmania biscuit. Together, they are balanced, as all things should be. This evergreen combo has been around for decades and the best place to try it out would be in and around Charminar.

Masala Chai with Marie Biscuits

The great thing about this combo is that the masala chai does most of the heavy lifting. The biscuit just provides the crunch and a vehicle for its aromatic flavour. Part of a nation-wide morning ritual, masala chai and digestive marie biscuits are a staple start to the day for so many, especially in places where the weather is on the colder side.

Plain Milk Tea with Butter Biscuits

On offer at every tea shop in the country, this combo is the #1 impromptu tea and biscuit pairing. Stacked up neatly in large glass jars, the biscuits look extremely tempting when you’ve got a cup of tea in hand. The biscuit soaks up the tea and delivers it right back to you in a soft and delectable culinary crunch. The butter biscuits are salted and sweetened and give the tea a rich and creamy taste.

Give things a personal touch

While the above combinations go famously with each other, the love story between tea and biscuits goes beyond conventional pairings. Everyone has their own take on what tea goes with what biscuit, and the only way to know what you like, is to try it.

So with your next cup of tea, don’t play it safe. Take a chance, and maybe you’ll make a new tea-biscuit partnership that you’ll enjoy at tea time.