Floral herbal teas for monsoon season

Floral Herbal teas for evening sessions during monsoons

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  • Post published:September 10, 2020
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Monsoons are truly the season perfectly crafted for the tea lover! What’s there not to love about a piping hot cup of tea and slow rains outside? Especially in these trying times when everyone has to stay inside their homes, knowingly, unknowingly we tend to gravitate towards a hot cup of tea. Even though the classic milk tea is a household name and every Indian tends to have an emotional bond with it, herbal teas are slowly making their presence known around us. One lesser-known fact is that teas have healing properties and a little research on what sort of tea would suit you, would take you a long way. These are some handpicked best floral teas for the monsoons. 

Chamomile tea:

 It’s very natural to get anxious during times of distress, whether the anxiety is elevated or something that’s normal, chamomile is one such tea which helps to calm your nerves. People usually advise on taking a cup of chamomile tea before going to bed. It’s said that chamomile tends to reduce jitters and helps in having uninterrupted sleep. Women going through the Postpartum period are often advised to have chamomile tea because of its calming properties. 

Hibiscus tea:

This tea surely is a visual treat, with a dark ruby red tone, it definitely paints a pretty picture. The hibiscus tea is known for its energizing properties; it instantly fills you up with energy and makes you active. You can always pour yourself a cup of hibiscus tea to feel refreshed when it rains outside.

Lavender Tea: 

This is one of the best floral teas for the monsoon season. Lavender tea is known to treat digestive issues. Along with that lavender tea is quite calming as well, it also helps greatly with nausea, vomiting and other gastrointestinal issues.

Linden flower tea: 

Another great tea with health benefits, the linden flower is said to have sticky properties that are reduced to make loose tea. It’s used greatly to treat the common cold and it’s said to clear up nasal passages and help in breathing better. Colds can be really annoying, especially during the monsoons so grab yourself a cup of Linden Tea to make yourself feel better instantly. It’s also said to have calming properties that help in sleeping better.

Jasmine tea: 

One of the best green teas is the jasmine tea. This one is especially for all the fragrant tea lovers, the tea tastes extremely delicious on its own, it has small unopened jasmine buds within it which brew into a calming cup of tea. It’s said to help relieve anxiety and calm stress. 

Blooming teas: 

These teas are called blooming teas specifically because these tend to bloom when put in hot water. These flowers are carefully sewn into tea leaves so that they can bloom when the tea is piping hot, along with a lot of health benefits, blooming teas are fun to watch when they unfold.

Every once in awhile, it’s good to take a step back, grab a cup of tea and relax, try out some of these healthy and beautiful floral teas to pamper yourself on a rainy evening.