How To Get Creative With Coffee Beans
How To Get Creative With Coffee Beans

How to get creative with coffee beans

Coffee forms the cornerstone of almost everyone’s morning routine across the world. With a reach so expansive, it is no surprise that the process of making coffee too has an element of art to it. Baristas everywhere now top off cups with intricate designs on the crema, the foam on top of the coffee. But did you know that even without brewing it, coffee can still be artistic, right at the level of the bean?

Here are 4 creative ways to help kids and adults alike craft everyday objects using coffee beans.

  1. Fridge magnets:One of the simplest objects to craft using coffee beans involves nothing more than a piece of cardboard, a pair of scissors, glue and a small magnet. Simply cut the cardboard into various shapes, glue the magnet to one side and cover the other with a thick layer of glue. You can then place coffee beans one by one onto the glue-filled surface or simply dip the shape into a pot of coffee beans. And voila, instant magnet to adorn any metallic surface!
  2. Like a bean to a flame:Brewing a fresh cup of coffee is great but if you want to enjoy the smell of the drink without having to go through all that effort, here’s a hack for you: melt two full candles with their wicks removed in a pot of water, while stirring slowly and pour it over a mould or container half filled with coffee beans (don’t forget to put the wick in after!). Once the wax cools and hardens, you’ll have a candle that meets all your coffee cravings with a single flame.

  3. Framed in coffee:Every coffee addict dreams of swimming in a pool of coffee beans at least once in their life. While this may be slightly far-fetched, there is an alternative: a coffee-covered photo-frame! Simple cover an old photo frame in glue and place the individual beans in any pattern you want. You could even mix in a few cowries shells to bring in a bit of white to the mix. By the end of it, your picture will be in coffee heaven, even if you aren’t.

  4. I’m dreaming of a coffee Christmas:How about making your Christmas coffee-themed this year? Simply fill an empty plastic or glass ornament with coffee beats and seal the open end with a cork. Attach a hook to the other end of the cork and you now have a beautiful bauble to celebrate both the holiday and your love for coffee!
    Brown has always been considered a dull colour, but with these hacks, you can help breathe new life into it. Coffee beans, with their rich aroma in addition to their glossy shells, provide a great outlet for all your artistic tendencies. So pick up that jar of beans and let your imagination go wild on the canvas, with just a little bit of glue to help!