10 Songs that are Perfect Company for Your Tea Break

Our Teatime Playlist: 10 Songs that are Perfect Company for Your Tea Break

Tea is an experience, to be savored and enjoyed, in leisure and with the perfect accompaniments. Unlike coffee, tea isn’t the beverage that you grab on the go and sip from a paper cup while rushing to work. You stand by the street side stall and enjoy your cup of tea while you read the newspaper or browse through Facebook. Drinking tea is an experience, and nothing goes better with your tea break than a playlist that suits your mood perfectly! Here’s our selection of music to keep your chai-time melodious.

  1. The Wakeup Call: Imagine waking up in the morning to the mellow tunes of Sadaa Paalaya, the beautiful voice of Sithara slowly easing you into the long day that lays ahead of you while you enjoy your warm cup of morning tea with hints of ginger. The balanced taste of the tea perfectly matches the semi-classical vibe of this song and sets the right mood for the rest of your day. This one is definitely a perfect company for your tea break!
  2. The Mid-Day Madness: Amidst all your work stress and to-do lists, when you feel your energy going down, your cup of tea comes to your rescue without fail. In between your 11 AM meetings and calls, take an interlude and de-stress yourself with the upbeat tunes of Mental Manadhil. This tune is the perfect company for your tea break to get you all energized and ready to take on the world! With all your recovered energy, courtesy some groovy tunes and chai, getting back to work will not be a tough task anymore!
  3. The Afternoon Siesta Buster: A heavy lunch entails a sleepy head! But some cardamom infused milk tea coupled with a few groovy tunes is sure to drive all your fatigue away. So plug in your earphones, set the volume to high, and bust out these happy, energetic tunes that get you moving in your chair. Happy & Uptown Funk are our favorites to drive our afternoon drowsiness away!
  4. The Rainy Day Companion: There is a link between tea and rain that we simply cannot ignore. A rainy evening is a perfect company for your tea break with a warm cup of chai. While the raindrops create beautiful music outside your window, Barso Re and Iktara are our picks to transport you to a place of quiet contemplation and tranquillity as the monsoon spreads its slow chill on the world outside.

  1. The Evening Rejuvenation Jam: The end of a long, stressful workday entails some fresh, hot brew and music that rejuvenates your soul. English classics of yesteryears sounds like the perfect company for your tea break accompanied by chai, snacks and your loved one. As Can’t Help Falling In Love plays from your speakers, we are sure you will feel the day’s fatigue escape your bones. We also recommend Lobo’s I’d Love You To Want Me for this soiree. 
  2. The Night-time Melodies: The best way to end your day is to sip on some flavored green tea and let your body prepare for a sound sleep. Mix it up with some chill tunes that make the moments before you fall asleep a sweet one! The perfect company for your tea break before bed are a couple of soothing songs and AVT’s flavored Green Tea! For the musical interlude, We pick Sham from Aisha and Gravity by John Mayer.

Adding a little bit of fun to the ritual of tea-drinking, these songs are guaranteed to keep your mood upbeat and relaxed through the day. They span genres and languages, just like the wide variety of tea that suits your every mood at different times of the day. You can check out the entire playlist here.

Do you have a tune that is your chai time ritual? Share it with us in the comments below and we will add it to our Teatime Tunes playlist!