The Lazy Person’s Guide to the Best Tea Sandwiches

Ever since the first tea party ever conducted, there have been sandwiches on the table. The ideal accompaniment to a cup of tea, the range of sandwiches in the world today has only grown over the years. Today, the sky is the limit when it comes to sandwich ingredients: if it can be placed between two slices of bread, a sandwich can be made! Now that we’ve piqued your interest, here’s a list of sandwiches that even the laziest among you can’t go wrong with! So brew your cup of tea and let’s go:

  1. Cucumber Sandwiches
    One of the most classic tea-time treats, cucumber sandwiches are the OG tea sandwiches, popularised by their depiction in almost every story about the British during the Victorian era. They usually involve slices of cucumber (never more than 4) with a thin layer of butter on the bread slices. Given its simplicity, this truly is a no-work sandwich for lazy people. Don’t forget to trim the crusts!
  2. Ham and Cheese Sandwiches
    Coffee Bean AVT
    Meat and cheese, can you ever go wrong with a combination like that? This sandwich is a big-favourite with children and lazy people alike since you can now have two flavours with minimal effort! Just put together a slice of ham, another of cheese (they even come in pre-packaged slices!) and with a quick layer of your favourite spread (we prefer a bit of mustard and mayo), you’re done with your sandwich.
  3. Egg Salad Sandwich
    The humble egg can be eaten in so many ways, so it’s no wonder that it found its way into a sandwich. A favourite at not just tea parties, the egg salad sandwich is a staple of those looking for a healthy sandwich for work that is easy to carry and delicious to eat. A quick mix of hard-boiled eggs and mayonnaise with a bit of salt and pepper and you’ve got everything you need for a great sandwich to be slapped between two slices of bread.
  4. Mashed Avocado Sandwich
    Coffee Bean AVT The humble avocado is a new entrant to the sandwich arena but it has already made its mark in the time it has been around. An easy option for vegetarians and vegans alike, the buttery texture and taste of the fruit makes it a delicious filling to be used. Making this sandwich is as easy as mashing a few ripe avocadoes, adding a squeeze of lemon and a few herbs and salt! Spread as much of it as you want on bread and you’ve got a sour sandwich to go with your sweet cup of tea. Truly a no-work sandwich for lazy people as well as a healthy sandwich for work! The sandwich can be made even healthier by adding a dash of sprouts to the mix.
  5. Mint Chutney Sandwich
    Now we move into more Indian territory as chutney becomes the flavour of the tea party. All of us have a bit of nostalgia linked to these sandwiches which were the staple of every picnic or outing. They’re so easy to make that even the laziest person would be motivated to enter the kitchen and indulge in a bit of reminiscence. Just add a few mint leaves and salt to the mixer jar with some water, blitz them and then spread the chutney on some bread! We recommend adding some boiled potatoes but cucumber and tomatoes would work just as well. Mummy would definitely be proud to see your work.
  6. Grilled Cheese Sandwich
    Coffee Bean AVT We saved the best for last! The grilled cheese sandwich has long been considered the easiest meal for lazy guys and girls throughout history, simply due to the minimal effort involved to make it. A toaster, a pan or even an open flame if you’re adventurous – the ways to make this sandwich are endless! While the pan is the most preferred route, it is just as easy to make a grilled cheese sandwich in a toaster with foil wrapped around it to keep in all that gooey cheesiness. For the more discerning, you can also make a grilled cheese sandwich in a toaster with parchment paper. Just put a few slices of cheese between the bread slices or grate it right onto them and let the heat do the rest!
    Tea and sandwiches truly go together and as easy as tea is to make, sandwiches do demand a little more effort. But with these tea sandwich recipes for lazy day meals, you’ll never have to spend much of your time for a delicious feast!