Tea Parties History, Tips On Hosting Your Own Party

Tea Parties History, Tips on Hosting your own Party

Of all the various ways to conduct a party, the best is an old-fashioned, cozy tea party. Imagine being in a new city and trying to make new friends – throwing a simple, sophisticated afternoon tea party would indeed be an amazing icebreaker! Because the love for chai is a good enough reason to have a tea party after all!

But what is a tea party is about? There’s a long and rich history behind the origin of tea parties. In fact, several legends surround the first-ever tea party.

If you are a fan of the epic “Mad Hatter’s tea party” scene from Alice In Wonderland then you’ll definitely love to hear about the history behind tea parties. Why bother with the facts, you may ask? For starters, you’ll have some awe-inspiring history tidbits to talk about in your debut tea party!

The birth of the tea party tradition

Tea parties were meaningful in the past when the British generally had two main meals a day. Tea was a light meal between lunch and supper and hence, tea parties served as an occasion for a quick bite in the late afternoon. With stringent social conventions in the past, a set of rules and etiquettes were followed to the tee during each such occasion. Everything from their attire to their conduct had to be oriented in a certain manner.

In the 18th & 19th century, “kettle drums” became a popular version of the formal tea party – they were less formal, guests were allowed to leave anytime and converse freely with each other. Its origin is often traced to British-occupied India, though this claim is not absolute.

While the British were the pioneers, different cultures around the world have their own versions of a classic tea party. They are also popular among children. Pretend tea parties by their dollhouses were often a popular game most of us played growing up!

Modern tea party tips that will make you a Super Host!

Do you want an ideal tea party or a memorable one? Would it be a formal event or a casual one – an excuse for bringing together your friends? These tea party tips might help you create a fun, memorable party while being a great host.

  • Be flexible: Modern tea parties have evolved and have become more flexible. They do not always have to be in the afternoon and they do not have to follow the strict rules as followed in the conventional parties. Therefore, the thought of conducting a tea party doesn’t have to overwhelm you. Bring out those Bone China cups and the pretty kettles you’ve been preserving. Put together some delectable snacks. You are good to go!
  • Send out the invitations in advance: This will ensure that you have enough time to know the exact number of guests you are expecting as well as their age group. This would help you plan the menu as well.
  • Keep it simple: Do not overwork yourself on finding matching serve ware. Throw in some assortment. Bone China is definitely the best choice but any beautiful teacup set can be used. Use your favorite serving set to add a unique character to the party.
  • Focus on the table decor elements: Decorative candles, eclectic serving trays, and platters, cake stands, and cupcake display units can all be handy in acting as fashionably functional elements for the party. Choose suitable table linen to accentuate the aura created and set the right mood.
  • Choose a good variety of snacks: Sandwiches are the easiest to make and they almost never fail – no matter what the age of the party guests are. Different sized sandwiches and variety in their fillings can all be added to create an impact.
  • What’s your tea: Needless to say, the tea you choose matters the most in the success of your tea party! Teas from around the world brewed in the various popular styles, served hot or cold, would add life to the party. Do not hesitate to experiment with new tea variants. Develop a knack of tea tasting so that you would easily be able to pick the best tea varieties for the party!
  • Entertainment matters: Make room for some fun games that can help break the ice! Staying true to the theme, you could even try out your tasseography skills or even hire a professional tasseography expert to add to the excitement.

Armed with these easy hacks, you can easily be a super host! Let us know how your tea party went in the comments below.