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AVT Rajah Dust Tea 250g Polypouch



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A good blend consisting only of the best quality South Indian teas, AVT Rajah Tea 250g Poly pouch is our honest cup of “no frills” tea delivered from the heart.
The characteristic balanced flavour of this tea and its affordable price has made it a fan favorite for the unique value for money!

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3 reviews for AVT Rajah Dust Tea 250g Polypouch

  1. Varun Reddy

    I am a Tea lover. When I used rajah dust tea is totally delicious and tasty. It feels me refresh and it has a strong taste. This is an excellent blend, add a nice smooth flavour to your cup….. I loved it’s fragrance…. 😋

  2. Megha

    The best dust tea I’ve ever had. It has a nice aroma and a very good unique taste.

  3. Jijith

    New packaging is really good. And this dust tea is really ozm…❤️

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